Mile Hi Magic basketball club is committed to assisting female student-athletes ages 13-18.

Our mission is to develop the character of each athlete, to build cohesiveness among a team structure and to compete with and against the highest competition.  Visibility of the athletes to college coaches and recruiter, is gained through participation in state, regional and national tournaments. 

The major goal of the Mile Hi Magic is DEVELOPMENT!  Each player that is selected will leave as a better player.  Besides competition, the Magic requires each member to participate in skill development footwork sessions.  The skill sets are then enhanced through proper coaching and competition set up by the Magic coaching staff.

​Our purpose is to bring athletes into the program who understand the level of commitment and skill work that it requires to be a good player...and after working with the staff and competing as a club member, become great players!


Four players have been drafted in the WNBA

​Six have played in the Olympics

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